The KW Synchro Club – getting Girls in the Pool

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Many people who see the graceful movements of synchronized swimming often mistake this for an easy sport. In truth, it is just the opposite – synchronized swimmers are some of the strongest and fittest athletes. It takes a huge amount of strength, stamina and flexibility (coupled with a flair for the theatrical) to make synchro look effortless. Hiding beneath the surface and behind the flawless smiles is a complex world of technical skill, athletic ability and mental focus that few people ever get to see.As a city-affiliated minor sports group, one of KW Synchro Club’s biggest goals is to continue to grow the number of girls involved in sport.  The Club is doing its part to get more girls involved in athletics.  They provide programs at all levels of the sport – from fun, play-based recreational classes, summer camps to adult fitness classes, right up to high-level national level programs, there is a great sense of community among the girls of KW.  Little 5-year-olds wearing float belts can have fun and learn a new sport while watching across the pool as elite level swimmers practice their routines for nationals.

Aside from all the sequins, gelatin, and water workouts, synchro is above all about teamwork. A team is only strong if it works together perfectly, synchronizing every breath and every movement to create a flawless, graceful performance. Swimmers learn to trust and depend on themselves, their teammates and their coaches, and the growth that synchro swimmers experience is truly amazing to watch – these athletes are incredibly dedicated, focused and motivated, and these skills transfer to all other aspects of life, not just synchro.