Daughter & mother first and second in Biggest Loser

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    Stephanie Ludlow, 1st place winner of EuroFit’s Biggest Loser competition.
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    Catherine Ludlow, 2nd place winner of EuroFit’s Biggest Loser competition.

1. Stephanie Ludlow – First Place

I was almost not going to sign up for the fourth round of Biggest Loser, as I honestly didn’t think I was going to win. Because of the encouragement from Olesia Fiodorova of EuroFit and other EuroFit members, I changed my mind and decided, I will give this another try. I thought, maybe this time I will reach my goal to lose 50 pounds by spring, and not only did I reach my goal, I won! By following a healthy diet, drinking tons of water, and attending Olesia’s personal training and fitness classes I felt better, my energy was increased which made me work even harder, and the weight just fell off, and quickly. I am grateful for my winnings, and with them I can now buy myself new clothes because none of mine fit anymore. I still have more to lose, but I know that with Olesia’s encouragement and kicking my butt in personal training, staying active, and continuing my healthy eating, I know I will reach my summer goal of losing another 20 pounds.

2. Catherine Ludlow – Second Place

I am very happy and proud that my daughter won Biggest Loser. She worked very hard and was very determined to make a difference in how she looks and feels about herself. I was actually very surprised that I came in second, as I signed up to not only help to encourage my daughter but to also help give me the incentive to eat healthy, and hopefully lose at least another 10 pounds to reach my goal, as my unhealthy snacking at night got out of control to the point where I actually was very sick for awhile. But after changing my diet I got better, worked out harder, and I did it! I hit my goal. I lost the weight I wanted to lose and then some. Thank you, Olesia, for making me do triple lunges with 35-pound weights, even though I rolled my eyes at you every time I had to do them — they sure paid off — as well as your nutritional help in making me realize that certain foods which I thought are okay actually are not, and getting me off the junk food!

Congratulations to Stephanie Ludlow and all of our Round 3 Biggest Loser participants!