Bubble Soccer finishes first year in Waterloo with a bang

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Bubble Soccer was first introduced to Waterloo in July, 2014 by local startup GeeseRabbit Bubble Sports. Bubble Soccer is just like regular soccer, except players wear a giant inflatable bubble suit over their upper bodies.

Since its conception, Bubble Soccer has enjoyed great success in the Waterloo area. Staff and players have brainstormed together to create new, exciting games that utilize the giant inflatable bubbles.

Two of the most popular games are dubbed “Bubble Bowling” and “King of Bubbles”. In Bubble Bowling, one player takes the role of the bowling ball while everyone else play as pins. The objective of the game is to get a strike – which is surprisingly a lot easier than it looks! King of Bubbles is inspired by the children’s game “King of the Hill”. Players battle to remain standing in a designated area by the end of the one minute mark and are encouraged to do whatever it takes to keep others out.

“It has been a great year for GeeseRabbit and for Bubble Soccer,” GeeseRabbit co-founder Mandy Gu says, “We have helped celebrate occasions from work parties, to birthdays, to weddings. It’s a great sport – it’s unique in that it levels the playing field for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing soccer your entire life or just since yesterday. Once you get into a bubble, you will get the chance to knock someone over. But a moment later, it just might be your turn to roll onto the ground.”

GeeseRabbit also partnered with the University of Waterloo to create the first Bubble Soccer league for students. In addition, they are working on hosting local events around the city. They hope that their upcoming event “Bubble Bash Waterloo” will become an annual celebration of Bubble Soccer, hamster rolling and more.

Bubble Bash Waterloo will be happening on August 22 at Waterloo Park. Admission is $5 for 2 hours and all proceeds are being donated to the charitable organization, Right to Play.

“There will be a giant hamster ball at this event.” co-founder Edward Qian says, “It will be a race to see who can roll the fastest. And of course, we will have some Bubble Soccer games going on. There’s also going to be a few games of Bubble Bowling and King of Bubbles. It will be a lot of fun, and the money will support a great cause.”

More information can be found about the event here: http://on.fb.me/1HxwBTn

When asked about future plans, Mandy says: “We will definitely continue to offer Bubble Soccer. We want to introduce new recreational sports as well – maybe Archery Tag. And we definitely need more of the full bodied Hamster zorbs.”

So that’s your answer for Summer of 2016 – even more rolling and maybe some Hunger Games action.

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