WMSC hosts U14 Boys Team from Trinidad Trendsetters Hawks Football Academy

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WMSC had their first visit from players from Trinidad in 2004 when they first came to Waterloo, ON. From there, the relationship grew and another visit occurred in 2008 and again in July 2014. Most recently we were visited by a team for two weeks this August. The team from Trendsetters Hawks Football Academy was comprised of 30 soccer players ages 8 to 16; they arrived on Tuesday, July 28th, 2015.

The previous visits from the Trinidadian Players had been for high-level competition, such as the Waterloo Invitational Youth Football Tournament in 2008; and then last year for exhibition games. This time around, it was more of a vacation again; however, the team did not shy away from training and playing international friendlies against some of the WMSC club teams.

Once settled in at Hotel Laurier, the team spent the next 15 days exploring the city, as well as carrying out the events WMSC and the Canadian Caribbean Association of Waterloo Region had planned for them. The team made the most of their visit and spent some time touring around some of Southern Ontario’s famous tourist attractions including Niagara Falls, Canada’s Wonderland, and St. Jacob’s Market.

The team played four international friendlies versus WMSC boys teams. They played all three of our U14 teams; a huge thank you to coaches Jim Anderson, Bruce Lauckner, and Kevin Cairns for partaking in this opportunity, we know the experience was enjoyed by all players. Due to the large age gap of the players from Trinidad we were also able to set up a game with Chris Frengos’ U11 Boys Development team against some of the younger players from Trinidad.

WMSC would like to thank everyone who helped make this international experience such a successful endeavour. The four coaches and their teams that partook in exhibition games left a lasting impact on the boys from Trinidad just as much as they were impacted by the international experience. Our deepest gratitude is expressed towards the Canadian Caribbean Association of Waterloo Region for all the hard work and effort they put into ensuring our visitors felt comfortable throughout their journey, for setting up various events and outings, and offering their support in any way needed throughout the planning stages and the duration of the visit.

Overall, strong friendships and relationships were fostered over the 15 day visit, further developing our ties to the Caribbean. This provides great opportunities to continue the development of our current and future coaches, players, and WMSC as a whole.