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News from KW Youth Basketball

The KW Youth Basketball Association would like to send out thanks to two big donors as this 2016/17 season gets underway. Tepperman’s new store in Kitchener graciously donated $5,000 as part of the company’s “giving…

Adults are staying active and healthy well into their senior years

Gone are the days when the newly retired stay home to bake cookies and take a nap in the La-Z-Boy. Adults, 55 and older, now compose the largest growth market for health and fitness activities….

Waterloo’s got game! Spread the word — spread the sport!

The City of Waterloo is a healthy, active and vibrant community filled with incredible facilities and opportunities for all ages. Recreation and healthy pursuits are promoted and supported by the Community Services Department and our…

Fall in love with exercise & start feeling (and looking) better!

Fall is upon us, but just because you’re packing up your swimsuit doesn’t mean you should toss in the towel. Staying active year-round is beneficial for your physical and mental health. Regular exercise helps prevent…

Fall back into sports with CARL!

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Learn to swim — it’s for life!

It’s never too late to learn. Swim lessons and programs benefit people of all ages! Swimming is for life. It’s a fitness activity you can benefit from no matter your age or skill level. The…

Pickleball — Canada’s newest all-ages game!

Pickleball is Canada’s newest game for people of all ages — with 50 years of relatively unknown history! If you have not heard rumblings of pickleball, it’s time for you to you start broadening your…

School’s out for summer — now what?

“I’m bored.” These two dreaded words make every parent cringe, but don’t fear — there’s a solution! Summer camp has been around since the beginning of time (or close to it) and there’s good reason….

City of Waterloo – LEISURE Letter Apr 2016

Get active. Feel good. Be awesome! Our spring classes will begin in the coming weeks. We encourage you to try something new, just like our friend Walt. View VIDEO.   Featured program – PickupHub Waterloo’s…